A dozen shades of Macintosh plus iOS rants (Part 1)

My desktop plus inbox are littered with goods from over 2012. Below is a 3-dot list, my Dozen Shades of Mac plus iOS rants which I hope you might discover interesting here at year’s end.

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PC owners aren’t crazy for wanting to purchase a Mac

In the 1990s there arrived a effective trope from Microsoft plus Intel: That truly the only explanation for continuing Mac utilize was which Mac consumers were, on the contrary, crazy. Why couldn’t they see the blessings of the dominant processing platform (Wintel) with its commodity pricing plus better base of software applications? They merely weren’t getting with all the program.

How elements have changed. As a longtime Mac watcher, I continue to locate it amazing to read Windows marketplace reports which show a sizable amount of PC owners desire Macs. Now, I like additional Macphiles have usually proclaimed the Mac platform because the greatest choice, much to the annoyance of my PC-using neighbors plus colleagues. And Apple keeps reporting at its quarterly meeting calls a most of the Mac sales inside retail are to Windows consumers.

But the October study about Windows 8 adoption by Avast Software had been a modern significant (or low, depending on one’s outlook). More than 25 % of the 350K respondents were considering an Apple substitution.

Despite these excellent belief inside its high protection value over Windows 7 plus elder OS, at smallest 78 % answered which they are doing not intend to buy the fresh computer sooner only to have Windows 8. More than a quarter of respondents the reality is never program to purchase a Windows-based PC at all, rather intending to go with an iPad or Mac.

Maybe not thus crazy, in the end.


Something extremely aged, as well as the same thing especially new

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) lately posted a story about how video game designer Jordan Mechner, the designer of Prince of Persia, had newly ported an early game of his to iOS. The game is known as Karateka, that was initially available by Broderbund Software for the Apple II platform back inside 1984.  In a movie found on the TUAW page, Mechner discusses variations between then plus today inside the program industry, thoughts regarding the App Store plus naturally, the game itself. Very interesting watching.

Thunderbolt isn’t really the hot FireWire, it’s FireWire’s rescuer

Apple sometimes can be extremely aggressive at revving it’s connector development. Look at all of the complaints this fall with all the unique Lightning adapter which changed the classic 30-pin adapter. For consumers it’s all regarding the investment inside the development, whilst for Apple, it’s regarding the continuing enlargement of functionality plus performance inside its items. Those don’t need to be the same elements simultaneously.

Many longtime Mac consumers have a desirable investment inside FireWire development, that is today confronting specialist Macs without FireWire. But, inside a post about EE Times, Dave Thompson of LSI reminds you which Thunderbolt is the bridge development which might allow FireWire treatments keep functioning into the future.

The benefit for program services is the fact that the hardware for which 1394 connection is moved “outside-the-box” to grow flexibility whilst reducing expense.  This really is true of any hardware which sits found on the PCI-Express bus inside the box. The benefit for customers is the fact that their investment inside 1394 items has been extended indefinitely by Thunderbolt development.


Yes, iCloud document syncing isn’t ideal, or absolutely, even truly good

There are numerous items to be happy regarding iCloud however syncing documents isn’t really 1 of them. Developer Gus Mueller, founder of was interviewed lately at MacStories plus reported the issue, for consumers plus programmers.

I’d furthermore like to find syncing improved. I think they technique Apple implemented iCloud document syncing had been a big mistake – every application lives inside its own silo plus it’s very difficult to share documents between applications. Something over the lines of Dropbox might have been better, plus it’d be superb when they did anything that way inside the future.


Making the bodily wall be a online desktop

Susan Kare's authentic Mac arrow icon

Susan Kare was the designer of numerous icons employed inside the authentic Mac 128K Finder interface. Those with a nostalgic bent, or an appreciation of Mac pioneers, will buy limited edition prints of a few of these icons or plastic posters from Walls360 which come inside a range of models.

These “wall graphics” is conveniently repositioned, the firm claims.

For illustration, there’s a variation of the Mac’s pointer arrow which is obtainable in models from 7.5×12 inches ($ 9) to 45.5×72 inches ($ 125). A great deal of fun.

Apple’s daring positioning of the iPad mini.

We’re thus employed to firms safeguarding their existing product lines, it’s difficult to understand whenever a organization with thus much to safeguard — chatting regarding Apple here — doesn’t do the apparent. This good website post by David Chartier analyses the positioning of the main 7-inch pills. Naturally, Google plus Amazon have placed these compact pills equipment for media expenditure. Not Apple.

Apple’s core content about the iPad mini is what would absolutely set it aside within the competition—if customers purchase it. In his starting pitch, Johnny Ive lays it all out: “Our objective was to take all amazing items that you can do with all the full-size iPad nevertheless pack them into a product which is really much small.”

For me, a immense difference amongst the heavier iPad line as well as the mini line is how effortless it is actually to collaborate with all the device. Should you wish To work with somebody about an iPad then you need the bigger size. Customers appear to be purchasing both models.

Check Out Part Two of A dozen shades of Macintosh plus iOS rants


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